Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Unpacking - Progress?

I don't think there's been any progress on the unpacking front :P I did clear up my floor so you could actually see it - but then I made a mess of it again when I decided to sort out my jewellery. I think I ought to finish it up tonight or something...

Other than that, nope! Nothing's been touched at all :P I did go to IKEA to buy some storage tubs, but I'll need to go back there again for some decorative nonsense.

Ooooh I bought a couple of noren curtains for my room! They're both really cute, but I only set up one (the summery-looking one). My dad really likes the idea, thank goodness! I'll wait for next year to put up the other one - it's a spring motif :D I'll have to take pictures!

Goodness, I've been promising alot of pictures but not following up with that promise, now have I? :( I think I'll just steal my brother's SD card and take the pics straight from it.

Ok, gotta work now. Ta!

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