Thursday, 3 September 2009

Event Announcement: TAF UPDATE!

I found more info on TAF, so I'm going to put it in a new post rather than confuse myself with the old one ^^;;;;

TAF: Taylor's Asaban Festival 09
Date: Saturday, 26 September 09
Time: Morning Session (ACG Convention style): 11 – 5pm
Time: Evening Session (Matsuri Style Fest.): 6 - 11pm
Venue: Taylor's Main Campus (TUCMC), SS15, Subang Jaya
Admission: RM7 for day event, free for night event

Description: TAF is an event aiming to further promote the modern J-Visual Culture in Malaysia by letting visitors themselves indulge in the said experience themselves.

(The event is still in its preliminary stages of execution and are subject to changes without prior notice)

Activities include:

Day Event: Japanese Visual Culture
•ACG Booths (DDR, Osu, etc.)
•Dounjinshi Booths
•Singing Competitions
•Art Competitions
•Lucky Draw
•Performances by Spirit of Music
•Cosplay Cafe

Night Event: Matsuri (Traditional Japanese Festival)
•Performances by Spirit of Music
•Japanese Food Stalls featuring snacks, meals and desserts; here's your chance to chomp on temakis, teppanyaki, unagi, tempura, salmon, sushi rice, Matcha green tea, Azuka beans and mochi.
•Traditional Game Stalls
•Traditional Dance
•Cosplay Cafe
•Yukata Rental
•Japanese Tea Ceremony Demonstration

Website: Under construction

Info source: Comic Fiesta forums, this site and this site

Omg, I'm really really looking forward to this one now!! ^________^ I'm especially in love with the activities lined up for the night event. Now, if only they'd do that kimono wearing demonstration in the day event, then I'd stay there the whole day! Hahaha :D

I really wish my UK kimono buddies were here to enjoy this with me... :( Oh well! Maybe I'll bully my sister and her bf into coming along with me, just for the night event at least! ^_^

Random note no.1: I found out one of my colleagues also owns a yukata from when she went to Japan to teach English on a one-month volunteer program!! Where do I sign up???

Random note no.2: Phuket was hot. I'm sunburnt. I'm happy :D

Bye! ^_^

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Jinders said...

PRIS!!!! I wanna go too.. Drop me a call n let me know the details yeah..