Saturday, 30 August 2008

Outfit Snap: Kofurisode kitsuke

I had spent most of my afternoon cleaning up the flat. The living room, the bathroom and my room are now all clean. The kitchen floor is vacuumed. All that's left is to vacuum the outside corridor and the staircase, and clean up the kitchen!

Despite having done alot of housework in the afternoon, I'd felt really restless tonight, so I decided to try out my new hakama set. My hakama set was bought a few weeks ago, and consists of a polyester kofurisode (that is, a "little" furisode - the sleeves are only 76cm), a yellow hanhaba obi and a maroon hakama.

Unfortunately, when I put on the juban and the kofurisode, I'd forgotten to adjust the length for hakama! And so, I just plucked off an obi from the top of a pile of them. Just so happens that the obi at the very top was bright pink, has lilies, and just arrived yesterday! I thought it'd match well, with regards to colour, but I'm not sure if the patterns match.

My kitsuke is rather messy, as I thought that it'd all be hidden under the hakama. *blushes in embarrassment* (=^_^=") Also, since I wasn't going to wear it out and was only going to put it on for a trial run, I didn't take out the basting stitches.

Aaaaand here are photos! ^_^

Black kofurisode - sleeves
Black kofurisode - side
I just love how this obi looks from the back!
Black kofurisode - back
Don't mind the weird face - I was really sleepy by then.
Black kofurisode - front

Actually, I've heard it said that one should never wear a nagoya obi with a furisode. However, this is a kofurisode, which means the sleeves are rather short, plus it has a komon pattern, and is polyester, which means it's meant to be informal if worn on its own, I think. Anyway, to me, it just looks like a komon with longer sleeves! I think it looks cute with an otaiko.

What do you think? Looks good, looks bad? Should I change the obi? Or leave the obi and change the accessories?

I want opinions, people! XD


goooooood girl said...

So good......

Jane said...

I think this set looks great together, especially since the colour of the obi matchs the motifs on the kimono. That lilly on the obi is just fabulous. Is it woven?

Priscilla said...

Thank you Jane :) The lily is actually embroidered on and the thread seem a little fragile, so I have to be careful when I put it on.