Thursday, 28 August 2008

Outfit Snap: *sighs*

One exam down, another to go... I don't really know how today's paper went. It felt easier than the coursework, but then again it was an MCQ paper (with negative marking!) so I might be a little too confident...

ANYWAY! Over the past week, I've only worn kimono twice. I feel proud because I haven't spent all my days wearing kimono even though I really really really want to.

Here is the first outfit I wore!

Stripey blue yukata - strike a pose!
Stripey blue yukata
Stripey blue yukata - back
I was absolutely dying to wear yukata because I hadn't had much of a chance to wear them in Malaysia. Plus, I'd just received my ro obiage and obijime sets, so I wanted to try them out.The yukata is one of those which I got in my lot of 5 new yukata. I'll admit that when I first saw it, it didn't really strike my fancy, but once I took it out and put it on, I was absolutely smitten! I mean, such a gay shade of blue, and stripes!! And it's blue, white and pink too. Gorgeous.

The obi is a summer-weight all-white obi that I'd got on YJA for about USD20. It seems rather dingy and not as bright a shade of white as I'd expected or wanted, but it gets the job done XD

... Oh and I hadn't adjusted the collar properly in front, which is why it didn't stay back at the neck.

Next up is a furisode!! I was flipping through Komomo's book one evening when I had a sudden intense desire to look "that pretty! *points at book*" so I took out a furisode that I'd been dying to wear. The photos were taken on timer from a lower shelf looking upwards, so what little you can see of my face looks fat, and the collar doesn't really show properly. I assure you, though, that I'd adjusted it nicely and it was set almost scandalously low at the back!
Cream peony furisode - front
Cream peony furisode - back
Cream peony furisode - side pose
Cream peony furisode - see the colours!
I've posted this furisode here a few times already. I've finally gotten all the pieces I need together. Well, actually, I was just waiting for a juban that would fit it ehehe. I still need to find a suitable han-eri for this though.. The juban collar had a stain on it which I think is a make-up stain, but could well be a sweat stain (eww). Whatever it is, it doesn't really show when I put it on, but I'd feel better if I had a coloured collar. Besides, white against cream doesn't really look all that nice!

The kitsuke for the furisode is a little messy. Well, it might have been because it was my first time putting on the whole kit-and-kaboodle with a furisode. I've only worn a proper furisode once, and it was only practice without an obi. This was only my second time dressing in a furisode, and also my second time using a biyo-sugata to tie a fukura-suzume.

Of course, I was actually stupid enough that I put on the furisode first, then attempted to tie the obi onto the biyo-sugata. I struggled and struggled with the obi until I finally managed a bow. By then, my furisode was all messed up :( And I still wasn't satisfied with my fukura-suzume either! It might look alright, albeit rather lop-sided in these pictures, but from the side, you could still see all the gadget-y bits.

I think part of the problem might have been that I was unused to the obi - it was really thin! The first time I used the biyo-sugata, the obi was rather thick and stiff, so I had some problems, but at least the obi hid all the "unsavoury" parts from view!

The next time I wear a furisode, I must remember to:
1) Practice with my biyo-sugata. Maybe try a different bow that isn't fukura-suzume!
2) Practice fancy obiage styles.
3) Practice fancy obijime styles :P
4) Remember to sew on a han-eri and a date-eri.

That's all for now folks! Next post, I'll talk about our new cat! *squeals* (okay, okay, not our cat, per se, but rather the cute cat that visits us. I've got pictures too!)

P/S: What do you think of the colour coordination? I originally wanted a yellow obiage and white-and-gold obijime to go with the furisode, but the green set was right in front of me that day, and I thought "why not?" although it is a little unusual compared to what I originally set aside for it. Opinions?


Petrina said...

*ahem* you're supposed to be studying.

Anyway, the new baby kitten is really cute. It was raining pretty heavily yesterday night. We were having dinner when I heard a tiny meow. Looked over and saw the kitten outside the glass doors peeking in. SO CUTEEEEEE...... When I went nearer, it ran off though.

Topher said...

*pokes* prissy! omg omg omg. u went and got the wolf fur thingy from IKEA?


Priscilla said...

Ling> Nyah kitty!!!!!! *mrowr* Ooooh Ma told me that she, Pa and Patty took pics with a little tiger. OMG I'M SO JEALOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUSSSSS ;_;

Chrissy> lol! XD Yeah, it's been in my room for a year now. It's soooooft and the cat that visits our flat loves it. Btw the cat is as cute as Meow! And she's reaaaally friendly too!

ihsara said...

the orange obi + furisode is loveeeee