Monday, 18 August 2008

Coordination Comments: More yukata coordinates

I was in Pavilion for dinner last night, and when we were walking around the lower ground floor before heading towards the restaurant, I happened to see this stall selling really really cute bags - all yukata-style! Of course, I couldn't resist and bought two of them. They were good quality, well-made and cheap too - RM127 for two bags! Think about it - that's only £20! Waaaaay cheaper than anything I'd find in London.

So of course, once I got home, I just had to play around with my yukata to see what goes with my bags. Despite being absolutely sotted with the lime-green bag, I have yet to find an ensemble that I'm equally as ecstatic about. There are two which look passable, but they look far better in real life than in the pictures, and compared to the other ensembles, they're rather odd. Anyway, onto the pictures!

... By the way, all these yukata are from my UNIQLO collection ;) I just played around with the various yukata obi I have.

In this one, I thought the white in the yukata and the bag's polka dots would come together with a white obi. The green goes quite nicely with the yukata leaves, so this is one of the more passable ensembles, but it's.... brighter and more colourful than what I'd normally wear:
Pink UNIQLO yukata coordinate - Refreshing
I don't really know how I feel about yellow and pink together on an adult ensemble, but I do think it looks cute with the bag! Maybe if I let one of my younger cousins wear it? I certainly wouldn't!
Pink UNIQLO yukata coordinate - Young
This is the original obi that came with the yukata. The yellow bag looked odd next to it, so I thought of the green, but it also looks odd. Maybe I should just stick to a black bag?
Pink UNIQLO yukata coordinate - Odd!!
This is also the original obi that came with the yukata. Makes for a sweet outfit, doesn't it? I love this bag with this yukata!
Yellow UNIQLO yukata coordinate - Sweet
This yukata with a yellow obi certainly makes for a brighter outfit. This is one of the better ensembles.
Yellow UNIQLO yukata coordinate - Bright
I tried playing around with the colours of this ensemble, and since there was a little red in it, I thought red wouldn't be too bad a colour. Since there was yellow on the other side of the obi, I thought that if I were to show the yellow side, the yellow flower bag will also match.
Navy UNIQLO yukata coordinate - Bright
Original obi with yukata. Nice mature outfit, but the bag gives it a bit of "youth". I quite like this, actually. Lime green and navy look so cute together. I will probably spruce up the obi a little with some green accessories.
Navy UNIQLO yukata coordinate - Mature/"Otonappoi"
The final ensemble I put together! Navy and yellow are always a good match for yukata!
Navy UNIQLO yukata coordinate - Classic

So, what do you think? The pink yukata is sooooo hard to coordinate with! I doubt I'd ever go out in some of these ensembles, especially the pink and yellow one, but oh well. Just thought I'd post these ideas and see if anyone likes them haha.

Which is your favourite?

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