Saturday, 30 August 2008


As promised, this post is about the cute not-so-little cat that visits our flat. Everyone, say hello to Darcy!

Darcy! 1
Darcy! 2
Don't mind the bad pictures. Darcy is actually taking a nap on my bed haha.

Anyway, MeiZi told me that if I were to leave the sliding door downstairs open, Darcy may come to visit, and sure enough, she did! She's very friendly; she'll come right up to you and let you pet her! There was once she jumped onto my lap and took a nap there while I petted her for a while. Then she hopped onto my bed and curled up among the pillows and took a nice long nap. She loves the IKEA sheepskin rug in my room; she keeps playing with it.

Of course, like all cats, she meows alot when we enter the kitchen, as though she's asking for food. I've fed her a bit of fish and given her some water, but that's really it. I do have a few sachets of cat food in my drawer, though, just to shut her up if she gets really noisy :P

I wonder how many flats she visits and how many people feed her?

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