Sunday, 3 August 2008

To "anonymous" :P

To the person who'd left a comment on my blog> "Ohh 2 years my senior, eh? ^^; I'm sorry to say that I never really knew any of my seniors except for a few the year above mine and in my sister's year (2 years your senior) ._."" The only senior I remember from your year off the top of my head is Lee Aaron ^^;; Maybe I'll go and have a look at my school mags from 2002 and see if I could guess who you are ;P"

That was my reply to your comment :P I thought it'd be easier to reply out here than in there, because I'm lazy to scroll all the way down to check!

5 Sigma 2002? I just looked through the book and there isn't a 5 Sigma that year! XP


Anonymous said...

ahahaha sorry! i've forgotten that it was changed to alpha. haha yea I'm from 5 alpha.

Priscilla said...

Hmmmm... Male or female? XD I'm going to guess that you're female!