Friday, 16 September 2011

Closet Feature: Pink & Teal Summer Wool Kimono

Before I'd ever even known that summer wool kimono existed, I spotted this beauty on RyuJapan's wool kimono sale.

Sweet pink transparent wool kimono

I just had to have it immediately! It's on the small side for me, and I definitely can't fit it now, but it's still really pretty and gorgeous :)

As you can tell by the post's name, the kimono is made of a light summerweight semi-transparent wool. The base colour is actually a very pale pink, with a latticework pattern in darker pink. In the above photo, it isn't noticeable, but there is a circular pattern in teal/light green/whatever shade my eyes feel like seeing. You can faintly see that detail in the photo below:

Pink and Teal Summer Wool Ensemble

I've only ever worn this kimono once, because it's a little too warm for comfort in Malaysia, but I've coordinated three outfits with it. My favourite outfit is the one I ended up wearing:

Pink and Teal Summer Wool Ensemble

Haha, this post almost feels like I'm recycling photos from my old posts ^^;; But going through all my photos to find something to write about really brings back a sense of nostalgia :)


Unknown said...

looks like one for the Ig colour chalenge ^^

Anonymous said...

What a pretty kimono! I love the obi you chose to wear with it, the pretty teal colour goes so well with the pink :)

Priscilla said...

siren: Haha yeah, it kind of does!

Laura: Thanks! ^_^