Thursday, 29 September 2011



It may not actually seem like it, but I've actually been away for a few weeks - been travelling in UK and Portugal for our annual holiday :) I had a really great time, and I think I fell in love with Portugal haha. Really charming place, and with great food!

I apologize for the late replies to all the comments (which I dearly thank you for, by the way! <3) but I had almost no internet access for those few weeks. My blog posts only continued by virtue of "Scheduled Posting"... So I'd actually pre-written nearly everything and posted them two days before leaving ^^;;;

Anyway, when I was in London, I managed to attend the Kimono de Jack UK! Really nice catching up with Hong and April, and meeting new members :) I didn't take any pictures, but I'll probably steal some from April and post about the event ^^;;

Till next time!

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