Sunday, 8 November 2009

Event Aftermath: Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

Today was the Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009. My sister had wanted to go to last year's bazaar, but only found out about the event after it had happened, so naturally, we just had to go this year. My parents also decided to go when they found out it was a charity event.

Here's a family pic (without my brother. Wave hi, Patteh!) taken by my sister's boyfriend.
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

At the hotel, you had to buy tickets at the lobby. Tickets cost RM15 per person.
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

You would then proceed up the staircase towards the Grand Ballroom on the second floor.
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

When you step off the escalator on the 2nd floor, the entrance is straight ahead.
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

To the left of the entrance, there is a small area selling food.
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

They were selling loads of things, like freshly cooked oyako don...
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

... Beard Papa...
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

... and the obligatory sushi and mochi.
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

Inside the ballroom, it was packed! Lots of tables selling stuff, and lots of people buying them!
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

There were also little craft booths like this one on traditional Japanese toys..
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

.. and origami.
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

And here is their yukata-dressing corner! It seemed really popular - lots of people were trying it out, and many people were standing around looking at the writhing mass of..... people. Yeah.
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

A picture of me outside the ballroom:
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

An obligatory mirror-shot of my outfit:
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

I'm wearing the pink yukata I bought from Akihabara Japan Center in Singapore in September. The yellow obi was part of a second hand UNIQLO yukata set I'd bought ages ago. I really really wanted more purple in this outfit, because pink and yellow is such a boring combination of bright colours, so I added a beaded necklace as my obi kazari (decoration) and wore a purple hairband and yellow butterfly earrings.

And a picture where you can see my sister's outfit better:
Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar 2009

My sister is wearing my tsumori chisato neko and latticework yukata, with a red obi and a black belt as a decorative obijime.

The event was so-so. My dad didn't like that the food wasn't really up to his standards, but I found lots of things to buy. I took pics! And I will definitely have to post about them! XD But doing that now would make this post waaaaay too long, so I'll save it for next time ^_^

Thanks for reading! XD And please C&C on coordination!


ihsara said...

o_o *stares at your moms legs... in envy lol*

Walter said...

Thanks for posting. Very nicely assorted obi and handbags both of you :)

Only 3 Euros. That's so cheap.
Ah, Oyako don ! Have to make that one of these days.

BEST cream puffs in the world ? They're not very modest at Beard Papa , are they ? Are they good ?

I don't recognize any of the Japanese toys except for the stick with wooden ball thingy.
And the paper balls.
Where are the koma(=spinning tops) and the hantsuki (= like badminton) and the tako(=kite)?
(Yes, I have Googled a bit,OK ? ^_^)

I don't know how much work it is to put on a yukata, but I have gained total respect for putting on a kimono, when I saw three articles on the 8 easy steps of putting on a nagajuban, 17 steps for your kimono and 28 (gasp) steps for tying the obi .
It's in Dutch but the pictures are fairly clear.
Wow, Shen, it's only 32 steps to disassemble , inspect and rebuild the clutch on my motorbike ( although it might be quicker to get dressed :-)

Priscilla said...

Lissy: Lol :P

Walter: Thanks! ^_^ Well... the cream puffs used to be really really good (exactly the kind I love!) but it's sort of become overly commercialized and rather blah now :/

Haha, it was only a little sampler table XD Really really tiny table, it was!

It's actually quite easy to put on a yukata! Very simple. And actually, once you get used to putting on kimono (women's kimono does take alot more steps than men's - theirs is very simple too), you start learning how to do shortcuts to some steps, and even omitting some out completely! Ehehe XD