Saturday, 31 October 2009

Outfit Snap: Happy Birthday to me~

So today is my 21st birthday. Hurrah! In approximately one hour from the time of posting, I will have experienced 21 years of life. ^_^

Since my family can't celebrate with me today, we celebrated it on Thursday night at Shook, Star Hill Gallery. We had a lovely expensive dinner, and I had way too much king prawn ^^; We also had a small piece of cake, which was actually just the perfect size for 5 of us to share! Anymore and it would've been sickening haha.

Say hi as I cut the cake! ^_^

Birthday Dinner @ Shook

Aside from my birthday, today is also Halloween. I've never really gotten into the dressing up for Halloween thing, but this year, I remembered that I have an orange and black striped wool kimono in my closet. I never really knew what to do with it, and it occurred to me sometime ago that it would be perfect for a Halloween outfit!

I also have this gauze heko obi with a glittery spiderweb motif on it, which matched the theme well. A few weeks ago, my mum was in a party shop alot for the Senior's Luau, and I spotted a witch's hat made of black gauze with a metallic spiderweb pattern on it. I went back to buy the hat, since it matched the general theme of my outfit.

Of course, that led to getting lace gloves, purple accessories.... ^^; I had a fun time shopping! Actually, I never really did go out of my way to look for these things - they just happened to fall into my lap at the right time! ^^;; Everything in this outfit was rather suddenly bumped into haha.


Here's my front:
Halloween Kimono Outfit

I'm not wearing zori, but instead, I'm wearing heels that somewhat matches my colour scheme. I'm wearing black lace tabi, which also goes with the scheme. The shoes were a last-minute find when I couldn't zip up my black boots properly ^^;;;

My back:
Halloween Kimono Outfit

I'd used two heko obi: the spiderweb one I'd mentioned, and a solid black heko obi to give it a base. I didn't really follow any instructions on how to tie it. I just did whatever so long as it was on me ^^;;;

My accessories, complete with black cat familiar!
Halloween Kimono Outfit

Halloween Kimono Outfit

In my original sketch of this outfit, there's a wand, a broom and a black cape, but the brooms I found were very sad-looking and I didn't have enough time to buy a Harry Potter replica wand. My sister took the black cape as part of her outfit for her company's Halloween karaoke competition.

An upclose of the outfit...
Halloween Kimono Outfit

Halloween Kimono Outfit

You can see the stripes on the kimono, the purple accessories, and the pattern of the heko obi and lace gloves I used ^^

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Please C&C! ^_^


shigatsuhana said...

I love it! Fantastic Hime-type outfit. :D
I may get out my katsura today just for fun.

shigatsuhana said...

And.... HAPPY Birthday! Otanjyobi omedetou gozaimasu!

Walter said...

Priscilla-chan, , congratulations on your 21st birthday again and congratulations on your awesome cool kimono outfit!
We love it!
Should we call you Witch of the East or Halloween Queen from now on :) ?

Priscilla said...

Thanks April! ^_^ Ooooh I'm looking forward to seeing your Halloween pics, then! XD

Thanks Walter! XD I think Witch of the East, because my sister always says that when I cackle, I can really sound like a witch! :P

Petrina said...

Yes you sound like a witch... Then again, so do I. And I'm the noisier witch....

Sapphire said...

Cool~! :>

Priscilla said...

Pig: Nyahaha, noisy is right! Although I'm catching up to you, I think... O_O OMG did you infect me???

Sapphire: Thanks! ^_^

Anonymous said...


Priscilla said...

Thanks ^^