Thursday, 12 November 2009

Chima Jeogori

In 2002, my family went to Korea for our annual Christmas holiday. While we were there, we bought a hanbok. As kindly explained by my Flickr friend aya1gou, han = Korean and bok = clothes. This particular type of clothes are called chima jeogori, where chima = skirt and jeogori = jacket.

On Sunday, I was feeling a little bored and a little hyped up over dressing up, so I tried it on!
Chima Jeogori

My sad attempt at a back shot:
Chima Jeogori

It's kind of small across the chest for me, which is why it looks rather messy, but I still think it looks kind of cute =^_^=

Ahhhh I want to buy another one!!

I think I'll go make that sari shirt soon.....


ihsara said...


was that with or wihout the kimono boobie-squishers?

Jen said...

Or, am I wrong?
Anyway, it's adorable! I have one, but I don't understand how to tie the bow in the front. @_@

Priscilla said...

Lissy: Thanks! ^_^ Sadly, it was with the boobie squishers, so I can't get my chest any smaller! ;_;

Jen: Ehehe thanks! ^_^ Actually, I don't know how to tie the bow in the front either, so I just faked it the best I could :P I just tied a bow with only one loop and left it at that lol!

xiner said...

Super cute! I love hanbok, wish I had one too. I have a book about hanbok and it's quite an interesting piece of garment, I think. :)
BTW, here's a lovely 'han-loli' dress someone made: link

Priscilla said...

Thanks! ^_^ Ooooh, may I ask what book that is? It sounds interesting!

Thanks for the link to the "han-loli"! It's really cute X3