Thursday, 26 November 2009


My goal for December is to get all these damn business cards sorted. I want them arranged alphabetically according to company, branch/division, and name. And to start with, I'm going to need to buy more business card holders.

I swear, even trying to sort this stuff out is going to kill me.


Walter said...

Don't kill yourself over a bunch of business cards, Priscilla ;).
Best get the holders that are A4 plastic where you can slip up to .
eight cards in per page
They're so wonderful, till you start using them.

And then you start to hate the business cards that are too wide or high to fit, so you need to snip bits off with a scissors to make them fit, but you can't because the telephone number is too close to the edge.

You'll hate the people with company names that start with Q , so you have to have a whole page for that one silly card.
Of course there's always just 9 or 10 cards for certain letters of the alphabet , so you have to waste a whole page on them too :)

Still, that's nothing compared to the utter loathing you'll feel in the future for the people who worked for division ES 15 and after restructuring of the company now work for division I&S PE 5 ( like me :-)
or change to another division, so you need to take their old cards out , move the others of the same company and redo the lot.
Ah the endless reshuffling !
I have been there, I have done that, it's hell.
My tip : never put more than 6 cards per page of eight, leave 2 empty slots. I used to fill them up 8 per page and whenever a new business card arrived , I had to shift pages and pages !

Priscilla said...

Haha, the problem is that I'm sorting out the office's business card folders - that means I have over 4000 business cards to sort out. Luckily, I've already gotten them all in alphabetical order. I just need to sort those out into a neater alphabetical order and put them in the folders.

We do have those 8-a-page folders, but they're so full I can't insert anymore of them :/ I'll have to buy new ones and completely rearrange everything.

Ooooh yes, I hate that reshuffling! It's the reason why I'm sorting out all of the cards here - looking for things get so messy after a few reshufflings, and it's a headache to look for some cards.

I'll take your tip about the leaving 2 blank spaces! Maybe for some of the larger companies, I'll leave a whole page empty... XP