Sunday, 15 November 2009

Outfit Snap: Rose Yukata Ensemble

On Saturday was the Anime Hanabi Festival thingy. I wanted to go, just so I could wear my new lolita jumper skirt that my mum bought me for my birthday (that reminds me, I need to post pics of it!), but I couldn't find my good white stockings, so I had to forego that idea :/

So instead, I decided to wear a yukata! After all, it feels odd to go to an anime event without dressing up somehow. I pulled out the false shibori rose yukata that was actually for my sister. Since we keep putting off wearing it, and the yukata-wearing thing was such a last-minute decision (I'd gotten the dress on then realised the only stockings I had looked bad with it), I put it on instead.

Of course, I didn't wear the ensemble that she is meant to wear. I had put together another outfit with that yukata sometime ago when I was bored, so I wore that instead.

The theme is: ROSES!
Rose Yukata Outfit

I wore the yukata with a pale lilac obi that has a woven motif of roses on it. I really like how the bag matches the yukata so well. I spent most of my time with the bag slung over my shoulder. I liked that casual kind of look! I'll have to do it more often! XD

I also decided to try out a new obi musubi. I was quite amused when it turned out looking very much like some types of pre-tied obi.
Rose Yukata Outfit

I even wore earrings that matched the rose theme, and also just happened to match the obi very well.
Rose Yukata Outfit

And just a picture to show the roses on the obi:
Rose Yukata Outfit

Because of my last-minute change in wardrobe, we ended up leaving late. We didn't head straight for the event, but instead stopped by Pavilion for lunch at The Carat Club. Yes, we got lots of stares. Yes, service was very good.

It was only after lunch that we went to the event, but it was kind of dull, so we barely spent 5 minutes in there. I ended up going to iSocks to shop, and bought a pair of good white stockings, a pair of all-black shoes (finally!) and a fluffier white pannier for myself.

Speaking of buying new loli clothes, I'm very tempted to buy some things online, but since I have some books with sewing instructions for loli dresses, I'm also very tempted to either sew my own, or have some tailored for me. I started my hunt for nice fabrics today XD Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, here I come!

Okay, judging by how scatterbrained this whole post sounded, I think I need to sleep. So goodnight! I hope you liked this week's outfit ^_^


Kitty Kanzashi said...

I like the obi musubi, you must put a scan of it somewhere.

Priscilla said...

Thanks! It's actually really simple, and mine looks very different from the book's :P The obi is a little short for what the model was wearing, but then again the model is a zillion times thinner than I am, so it's understandable haha!

But okay, I'll take pics and put up the instructions as soon as I can ^_^

Bangasa Kimono = ^( ^_^)^ said...

oh, Oh, OH! I want so much, so very much :(

Priscilla said...

XD Ehehe!