Thursday, 3 December 2009

It's Official


My graduation ceremony was today in Southwark Cathedral. As of approximately two hours ago, I am now an official Cass Business School, City University graduate. WOOHOO!

Btw, yes, that does mean that I'm in London. We took a night flight on Monday November 30th and arrived here yesterday. We've been eating alot and have already hit Farmer Brown's twice. Later tonight, we're going to go to Il Bordello for dinner! Yum!

I've already met up Mel (meeting her again tonight, actually!) and have caught up with some of my uni friends at the ceremony, but now I'm really really looking forward to meeting up with my kimono gang! XD XD Woooohoooooooo!

I can't believe how much I've missed London. It feels like I've come home haha!

Toodles people! I'm off to enjoy myself more in the lovely cold winter air! XD


Kitty Kanzashi said...

Well Done! I wish I could be in London to celebrate with you.

Its has been many years since I graduated.

Walter said...

Treasure these moments, because from here on your study days are over and it is all going to go downhill from here for the rest of your life.
Say hello to Mel and the Kimono Gang for me :)
London will miss you too , when you're gone, Priscilla, it won't be the same without you.

Lyuba-chan said...

Exciting! Wish I could go to London again in near future.

And congratulations again! :) :)

Walter said...

Ahem ! Kitty, I've met you in person and now way can it be MANY years since you graduated :)

shigatsuhana said...

Congratulations Priscilla! Omedetou!
Look forward to seeing you soon! I'm not wearing a kimono. Most of my stuff is packed away for the moment due to getting new bedroom furniture on Monday and decorating all weekend.

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Walter : Ok it has only been 5 years but work has made it feel like it was a long time ago!

togei said...

I don't know you but congratulations.
Have fun in London.