Monday, 18 July 2011

Outfit Snap: Periwinkle Rose Yukata

Was feeling a little antsy tonight and had lots of time to spare, so I decided to dress up in one of my new yukata!

Periwinkle Rose Yukata

A bit of a close-up on the yukata's design:
Periwinkle Rose Yukata

I'd been dreaming about pairing this yukata and this obi together since I first saw this yukata, and it does go surprisingly well together! I was aiming for a more "cool" look rather than sweet & flowery, which is why I used a pair of black geta rather than blue or purple or pink. I guess I was also kind of hoping to pull in the dark colours from my hair, watch, fan and camera together ^^;

The fan is a little cutesy for this outfit, but it was the only one I had that matched colour-wise.

Nowadays, I always feel that an outfit is too plain if there isn't some form of decoration at the obi, even if it's just a fan tucked into it, so I stuffed by everyday pearl necklace into it for a little something. I reflected the pearl theme with a pearl ring.

The yukata, geta and fan were all bought at this year's Jusco Yukata Fair :)

I'm.... not entirely happy with today's kitsuke, but considering that it took me about 20mins from deciding I wanted to wear yukata to fully dressing in it, accessories and all, it's actually pretty okay XD;

Any C&C on this coordination would be really appreciated! ^_^ What other obi do you see this yukata with? There are so many possibilities that I have no idea what to wear next with it haha.

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Anonymous said...

omg. prettyyyyy <3 the paleness is mad beautiful <3 and I just envisioned you with a while glass pearl kazari and a glass kanzashiiiii <3 will get to work making them for you once I return to Shah Alam. ahh you should wear this one to an outing. T_T there's an added perk as well - whites/pale colours reflect heat so its perfect for Malaysian weather :P

btw love how you tie the obi high up. I really like it, but recently realized that you need to really flatten your chest to be able to do so :-/