Friday, 15 July 2011

Event Aftermath: Jusco Yukata Fair 2011

As promised, here is the post on my loot from the Jusco Yukata Fair this year!

First off, the yukata!
Jusco Yukata Fair 2011 - My Loot!
I seem to be in a pale colours mood this year ^^ There were way more black yukata than anything else at the Fair, but I just didn't like any of them.

The obi that came with the yukata.
Jusco Yukata Fair 2011 - My Loot!
This year has much nicer pre-tied obi that last year! I guess that accounts for the RM10 increase in price.

One more yukata for my brother.
Jusco Yukata Fair 2011 - My Loot!
This yukata really called to me because I love Ichimatsu check prints, and this one was in a really gorgeous shade of dark brown. I know my brother never lets me dress him up most of the time, but I couldn't resist ^^;

A kid's yukata.
Jusco Yukata Fair 2011 - My Loot!
Just cause it's cute XD

The geta collection.
Jusco Yukata Fair 2011 - My Loot!
They're actually brighter in real life.

A lilac-coloured obijime.
Jusco Yukata Fair 2011 - My Loot!

Jusco Yukata Fair 2011 - My Loot!
My weakness~~

Some furoshiki.
Jusco Yukata Fair 2011 - My Loot!
One of the furoshiki came with a DVD on furoshiki!

On the Fair itself:

This year, the obi that were paired with the yukata were much much nicer than the ones last year! Not everything was slapped together with a red&yellow obi - this time, care and consideration were actually taken when matching the obi and the yukata. As you can see in the pictures above, the quality of the obi were also much better this time.

There were still some sets that were sold with the same ugly obi as last year's, but there were only two racks of those (priced at RM129 per set of yukata & obi). A majority of the yukata sets on display were priced at RM139, but there was a good selection of patterns. Most of the yukata were dark-coloured (black, dark purple) but there were a few sweet ones (light purple, pale blue).

(I kind of feel like I recognise some of the patterns - they are definitely similar to some branded yukata that were really popular a few years ago. One of those that I bought kinda looks like one I've been drooling over in a magazine from 2008! XD;)

A small section of higher range yukata was also present (half a rack of these, I think?) but the colours and patterns were just so pretty compared to the others! These ones were priced at RM299 for just one yukata.

The men's yukata section was also much better this year! There were more patterns to choose from and I had a really tough time choosing one for my brother. There were two other striped ones that I really liked, but I had to limit myself to just one yukata ^^;

For women's obi, Jusco brought in a better selection of higher-range pre-tied obi and quite a nice range of hanhaba obi. I thought they were rather overpriced, but maybe I was biased because I already had many of those colours in my closet ^^; The standalone pre-tied obi were about RM139 and the hanhaba obi were RM189.

The best part about this year's fair is that they started selling kitsuke items! So far, they only have himo (RM29 for a set of two) and datejime (RM59 each), but I'm hoping that next year or the year after, they'll start expanding to obi-ita and yukata slips or something ^_^

There was a smaller selection of fans to choose from this year (or maybe it's just that I got there late) but the ones that were left were pretty high quality :) They also had the same obijime, kanzashi, bag, parasols and obi-kazari for sale. The sheer number of geta was shocking! They stocked more kids' geta this round - I'm sooooo tempted by this incredibly cute pair of geta with light blue gingham check and sunflowers!

I feel like going back there to browse, just for the heck of it :)

If anyone's free and has cash to spare, why not drop by and keep the yukata fair alive for next year? XD

(P/S: There is also a Yukata Fair at Jusco Queensbay Mall in Penang, also ending this Sunday, 17th July ^^)


Anonymous said...

LETS GO BACK THERE ON SUNDAY AND BROWSE BY even if it's just for the heck of it!!

haha. k I really, really wanna go now. Can't stress it enough T__T

Priscilla said...

BWAHAHA email you later about it XD

mysli said...

Damn, I'm so absolutely jealous! Here in Germany there's not one single shop that sell Yukata or related stuff, so one has to import them - which takes the price quite high. (Well, I know two stores in big big citys who have a handful, but they really pricey so it'd be cheaper to import them yourself.)

Oh, and by the way.. do you have a blog about lolita? I see those beautyful lolita skirts in the background of your pictures every time, but I don't remember if you have had posts about lolita earlier in your blog.

Priscilla said...

Hi mysli! Yes, we're really lucky that we now have yukata fairs in Malaysia :) I haven't checked if UNIQLO sells yukata here though. I hope they do!

Yes, I do have a lolita blog actually ^^ It's:

Are you a lolita as well?

mysli said...

Good luck with UNIQLO! Hope for you they do XD And I'll be watching your purchases with jealousy...

I've been interestes in lolita for about four of fife years now (I think), but've just a few weeks ago finished my first skirt. Now I'm dying to wear it out again but'll have to wait till I finish my new petticoat.

Priscilla said...

Wow, congratulations on finishing your first skirt!! I really have alot of respect for people who can make their own clothing ^_^

mysli said...

Yeah, I had a hard time with those, already made three attempts on selfmade skirts but they all didn't turn out as I wanted and look horrible. But in the End it was worth it, it fints perfectly, and even Bodyline can't beat 10euros for a skirt!
Next I want to sew a few Yukata, I just need to find nice (and affordable) fabrics...

Priscilla said...

Ooooh good luck with that! I find I actually like pretty much any fabric as yukata - so far, one of my crazier ideas is to use cotton-linen blend to make a yukata and applique crocheted doilies onto it ^^; But I can't sew so.... hahaha! XD;

mysli said...

Oh, I'm good enough at sewing to do the seams a Yukata requires (you always sew straight, so it's easy enough for me XD ). Problem is the Fabric, I love cute fabrics with bunnies and such stuff, but I rarely find any (and if at such high prices I can't afford it). But I plan on a few Yukata out of single-color cotton to wear at home.
And the idea with the crotchet doilies is cute! I'd say go for it - basic sewing isn't as complicated as most people think, and yukata are even more easy to sew since it's only sewing straight lines. And on top of it you have one big advantage (in comparison with me sewing my first one two years ago): you know how big they have to be and you have an example (or a closet full) for how they are sewn. I'd love to see self-sewn yukata from you, since you always look great in yukata!

Veresk said...

Wow! Men's yukata checkered set is awesome! I wonder where did you buy it? I want this for my brother, too.