Saturday, 10 October 2009

Outfit Snap: Dinner @ Sagano: Take 2

After our very enjoyable meal at Sagano last week, my sister and I told our parents all about it. My dad was, of course, very intrigued, and since we hadn't made any plans for this evening (or rather, my parents cancelled them because they were too tired), we decided to go there again a second time.

We got a room again, but this time it was the room next to last week's. It was smaller and had less decor, but was still a nice tatami room anyway ^_^
Dinner @ Sagano, 2nd take

Say hi to my mum and sis! (Sis is knitting a hat for my dad in preparation for our trip to London this December)
Dinner @ Sagano, 2nd take

My dad knew how much I enjoyed wearing kimono here last week, so he said I could wear kimono again today. Of course I did! ^_^

This is what I wore this time:
Dinner @ Sagano, 2nd take

Dinner @ Sagano, 2nd take

Upclose of the front...
Dinner @ Sagano, 2nd take

And the back...
Dinner @ Sagano, 2nd take

And my usual mirror-shot! ^_^
Dinner @ Sagano, 2nd take

I decided to be abit more in-season this time, so I chose to wear a kiku (chrysanthemum) kimono this time. Dunno how seasonal tachibana (mandarin orange blossoms - the motif on my obi) are, though... ^^;; There were some little blue shibori dots on my kimono, and I thought this obi would match that well, yet still have enough red to tie it in with the kimono nicely.

I chose a red obiage to place more emphasis on the red in the outfit, but chose a white obijime to lighten the outfit a little and balance the suddenly solid colours in the middle of the kimono. You can't see in these pics, but I'm wearing black zori with red hanao. The red kasane-eri was actually a last-minute addition because I found that the kimono looked very awkward against a white collar. I think it kind of completes the look, doesn't it?

Sadly, I again had alot of problems with my kitsuke today, and they were far more prominent ones compared to the previous times I had worn kimono! I had decided to wear my kantan-eri so that I didn't have to wear a juban = less hot. However, the stupid collar kept giving me loads of problems: it kept closing too tightly at the neck, the back kept riding up, etc etc. Worst part is that it kept exposing too much of the kasane eri at the back! I also hadn't realised my obi wasn't very well tied, and my hem wasn't neat enough for my usual standards... (Of course, for these pictures posted, I had fixed whatever I could so it looked decent! But if I moved just a little bit, it all fell apart all over again..)

Still, we really needed to leave, so I just went to the restaurant just like that. I felt so embarrassed by such bad kitsuke.... Then I remembered that not many people would realise the sheer number of mistakes I'd made, and I was treated really nicely by the hotel and restaurant staff, so I didn't feel so bad ^_^

Sorry, no poser pics because the room was small, and I didn't feel too great about my kitsuke!

Thanks for looking! ^_^ Please C&C on my kimono coordination please!


Walter said...

I was going to compliment you on such a nicely matched outfit till I read you went to the Japanese restaurant ( again that one with the expensive food ! ) with such a dismally poorly dressed kitsune.

Et tu, Priscilla ?

It pains me to have to do this but I shall report you to the kimono-police at once for this grievous offense. I'll recommend they send you on a 24/7 kimono dressing course till you see the error of your ways.
May your God have mercy on your soul, Priscilla and may your kasani eri never be overexposed again.

Priscilla said...

Haha, actually, because there is a promotion for this month, the whole meal costs only RM119 (that's about £22!) per person! Not that expensive, eh? XD Of course, if it were normally priced, it's probably be 3 to 4 times the price...

And LOL! That really made me laugh long and hard XD Yes yes, quick, report me so I will never commit such a crime again!

shigatsuhana said...

LOL @ Walter! And a poorly dressed kitsune (fox) would be a crime indeed!

Priscilla, the kitsuke is great for the pictures, and I doubt all is as bad as you say. :) Tachibana is usually for spring I believe, but I love how this outfit works. Sometimes you just have to break the rules. ;)

oden said...

If my memory is certain...
The design of this obi is not Tachibana, but Aoi-mon (hollyhock-leaf's pattern).
Aoi-mon resembles Tachibana, but Aoi-mon has veins and Tachibana has seeds.
And, Tachibana is not a flower, but a fruit.

Though Aoi is spring or early summer plants, Aoi-mon (Aoi design, not picture) can be worn in all seasons because it's a Tokugawa shogun's family crest and auspicious.
I think May or June is the best season for this obi, but you can wear it today and tomorrow.

So I really love this combination!
Red kasane-eri did a great job. :)
Your color choice is always smart. (^-^)

Priscilla said...

Thanks, April! ^_^

oden: Oh, thank you very much for the information! I haven't come across aoi and tachibana alot, so I wasn't aware that they looked so closely alike.
Ehehe, thanks! ^^