Saturday, 17 October 2009


I was kind of hoping I'd be able to put together a kimono outfit sometime this week, as I'll be busy this weekend, but it's been hectic...

Anyway, a while ago, my mum had volunteered my sister and I to bake cupcakes for an event at church. The event was for senior citizens, and its theme was a Hawaiian Luau. My sister and I agreed, thinking we wouldn't need to bake more than 200 or so.

Well, we were wrong. We ended up having to bake 400 cupcakes, and decorate 300 of those. For the remaining 100, we were supposed to make frosting and bring it to church for the participants to decorate themselves. Talk about organisational nightmare.

So yeah. Yesterday, I left work early at 5pm to get ingredients and start baking. I started baking at about 6pm, and it took us 6 hours to finish baking 417 cupcakes! Yes, that's a long time because we only have one oven and that oven only has one rack. It was about 1.30am before I got to go to sleep.

Check out all them cupcakes!

My sister and I went a little crazy from all the cupcake-making and ended up christening our KitchenAid mixer "Betty", after Betty Yew, Betty Crocker, the Betty from the comic series "The Archies", and the tongue twister Betty, coz they're all amazing cooks. Say hi to Betty! She's hard at work here.

Luckily, I had taken the day off today to decorate the cupcakes. I started at about 10.45am, having had a bit of a lie-in in the morning. It took the three of us (my sister, my maid and I) 8 hours to make the icing, and finish decorating the cupcakes.

There's a reason why ppl cater for so many cupcakes - domestic kitchen and appliances just aren't made to handle this much!

But we were lucky and managed to finish everything, thank God. I was a little late, but I was happy enough that I finished everything. We sent it to church, had the event, distributed cupcakes, helped decorate cupcakes, etc etc, I'm exhausted now.

Anyway, pics of the cupcakes! I was really lazy to decorate them nicely, so I just made some brightly coloured icing, bought some edible sugar flowers and voila! Cupcakes.

The colours seem a little pale in this pic..

A close-up of some of them..

Cupcakes on display, ready for distribution!

We got some pretty good reviews about the cupcakes. Alot of people said they were very cute. Some said they were a little too sweet, but the cake was very good. Quite a few people asked where we catered them from ^^; I was happy with all the positive reviews!

What think you of them? ^_^

Okies, gonna go sleep now. G'night! :)


Topher said...

meow says he wanna have some of the cupcakes

LoL! =3 =3 =3

Crescent said...

I've never seen those kinds of cupcake in my country. :0

*just came across your blog. was looking for a checkered kimono.* :)

Priscilla said...

Chrissy> Haha, if you want cupcakes, let me know so I can bake some and we can meet up! XD (And meow too! :P)

Crescent> Thanks for visiting! ^_^ I hope you like my blog ehehehe.

Beelzenef said...

my my those are really cute cupcakes D: wonder if you'd share the recipe :p anyway, wanted to give you this :D
don't know if you've been there

Walter said...

417 ! 0_o . There's a word for 'volunteering' someone to bake that many cupcakes and it's called 'Slavery' :) which is forbidden in Article 6 of the Malaysian Constitution, anno 1963.
Your mom needs a worker's rights refresher course, PRONTO!
And doing it with one oven with 1 rack is sheer folly. I'm surprised the oven held out.
300 decorations ?! I'm surprised you held out. Any sane person would start seeing them in his dreams (aka nightmares).
That's enough to scar a person psychologically for the rest of his life. 'Cupcake Crazy', you know.
Christening the mixer is a clear warning sign .
I would advise a long weekend in Pangkor Laut , with nothing to read but kimono magazines as a cure. (or knitting magazines for your sister)

Petrina said...

Hi Walter, yes a trip to Pangkor Laut would be perfect to recover from this!! Not to mention I had to wake up at 6am the next day to work and got to work only to find out that one of the companies I cover was being privatised!! I had a last minute meeting with them in the evening to I had to juggle work and decorating cupcakes... Hilarious!

Btw Shen, we baked 420 cupcakes - we ate 3 for "tasting", remember?

Priscilla said...

Toffee: Thank you so much! I'll suggest the restaurant to my family and see if we can go there sometime soon ^^ And I'll post the recipe for you soon :)

Walter: Lol! At the end of it all, the only thing I felt like doing when looking at the cupcakes was taking one and throwing it at someone. But then I'd spent so long making them... :P Ooooh! Long weekend in Pangkor Laut! Done deal, bye! *packs bags and runs away* XP

Pig: Ohhh yeahhh I'd forgotten! :P