Sunday, 29 May 2011

Outfit Snap: Yellow Polyester Komon

I went out for lunch with a friend today and we had both decided that it would be a dress-up day! Neither of us could seem to decide on what theme we wanted (kimono or loli), so eventually we just agreed to wearing whatever we felt like ^^

I was feeling pretty determined to wear kimono because I've recently received a bunch of new pretties. I'd also bought myself a nice new bag from Coach when I was in the US (was there for over a week for work, but naturally, we had one Saturday at a factory outlet XD), so I really wanted to use it! Unfortunately, the bag was teal - a colour that I generally find difficult to wear in kimono. I do have a hakata obi that is only just a shade darker than my bag, but add in the bag's accessory (strawberry coin purse), and that is one hell of a colour combo I had to find and match in my kimono closet!

Eventually, I couldn't get the right combination for either colour, theme or weather, so I changed the accessory from the cute coral strawberry coin purse attachment to a grapefruit one (colour scheme: yellow and pink). I'd only decided to change my outfit this morning, so I was scrambling to get an outfit put together in time.

(Luckily, I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I had like 7 hours to prepare XD;;;)

Eventually, I came up with this!

I'm wearing a yellow polyester hitoe komon with stripes, pink roses and some sort of leaf (a new komon I'd bought from Shinei during one of their sales sometime last year). To introduce teal somewhere in the outfit to match the bag, I paired the kimono with a teal summerweave hakata obi.

I chose a pink ro obiage and yellow summerweave obijime to balance out the colours a little because the obi looks kind of like a sudden break in the outfit - too striking! I hope the yellow obijime softens the harsh contrast...

I tried to add in a little more teal with my earrings and wanted to wear teal zori, but I don't have any blue or green zori in anywhere near the right shade.... So instead I wore a pair that matched the kimono! I'm also wearing tabi with matching flowers embroidered on the toes ^_^

Today's kitsuke was pretty easy because the kimono is made of a very crisp almost chirimen-like polyester that holds its grip really well. I was also using a two-piece juban with chikara-nuno to hold the collar in place - and my collars didn't move at all today! XD

I also used an obi aid (I think this one is called kairyou makura?) and it was really easy to create an almost-perfect otaiko with it really quickly! I'm always amazed everytime I use this obi aid. All of my obi miraculously fit, and there's no need for me to struggle with putting on the obi at all XD;;;

What do you guys think of this coordinate? The colour combo is a bit disconnected compared to my usual matching preferences, but I kind of like how yellow & teal look together. Any suggestions on how to improve this coordinate? So far, all I can think of is wearing teal zori and adding a teal hair accessory... Maybe something with the han'eri?

Oh btw, we forgot to take pics of ourselves at the restaurant... We did get alot of stares and some comments though XD;;;; My friend was dressed in loli with the cutest hat! Loved her coordinate today!

Random note: My sister chose the location for the photos because the flowers in our kitchen match my kimono XD;;;;


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm a new watcher on your blog but just had to comment on your beautiful kimono ensemble - it looks absolutely gorgeous! :)

I love the soft green of the obi against the creamy coloured kimono; it's demure in an elegant and refined way, but so refreshing to look at. The little details you put in like the green earrings to match the obi and the embroidered tabi finish everything off beautifully <3

And everything about your outfit is so neat and crisp! I had my first attempt at kitsuke just the other week which was brilliant fun but a certified disaster xD I shall be aspiring to your neat and tidy kitsuke skills on my next attempt ;)

Priscilla said...

Hi Laura, thanks for visiting my blog!

Thank you as well for your kind comments ^_^ I'm glad that you like the coordinate, especially the little details =^^=

Good luck with practicing your kitsuke skills! I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but it wouldn't let me... Everytime I chose to leave a comment under "Google account", it'd make me sign in again and again and again... So anyway, I hope you don't mind if I left my comment here instead ^^;;; I'll move it there later once I can figure out how to comment! :)

That was a really good first attempt at kitsuke! A huge plus for you is that you're aware of what you need to fix - which is already half the battle of fixing each problem ^_^

I also love the colours of this oufit - the sky blue, orange and red themes make for a balanced outfit - just the right amount of blue to prevent the orange from looking too warm. What sort of obijime would you match it with?

Take care! ^_^