Thursday, 22 July 2010

Event Aftermath: Yukata Meet @ KLCC

Just a quick post on an old meet up ^^;

Early in May this year, a couple of friends and I had a yukata meet at KLCC! It was the first time I was going out with friends in yukata in Malaysia since 2007, so I was understandably very excited ^^;;;

We managed to schedule our meet so that it coincided with Isetan's Food Fair, so we of course headed there for lunch after having a picture-taking session at the KLCC Park. After lunch, we headed to Kinokuniya and shopped (and talked :P) for 2 hours before retiring at a cafe.

It was short, but still enjoyable! ^__^ It was nice to make new friends~~ :)

Anyway, pictures now!

I'd seen this little area in February and thought it looked nice, so I insisted that we went there to take pictures ^^;;;

We did manage to get someone to take pics of all 3 of us, but it's floating somewhere in my friend's Flickr, and I'm abit too lazy to find it ^^;

I was so amused by the fact that the flowers kind of matched me that day!

We stopped by to rest a little.

I've always been rather fond of "walking pictures"... :P"

I figured that since we were already at KLCC, we might as well take pics with the Twin Towers! Also, I always seem to take pics in Piccadilly Circus in London, so taking pics of another famous monument :P

I'm afraid we only bothered with our cameras a very little bit in the park, and rather forgot about them after that ^^; So no other photos ahahaha~

Just a little bit on my outfit:

It's a ro-weave yukata that I had bought from Oh!Japan's stall in last year's Japan Charity Bazaar & Fiesta. It was a little more expensive than I expected for something that feels like a cotton/poly mix, but I figured that it was for charity, so it's okay.

I very much like the fact that it's ro, so it feels easier to dress it up as a kimono. I tried hard to coordinate it so that it looks like a cool outfit, as we had been having a heatwave at that time. (And as cooling as the outfit looked, I was really boiling in it!!)

I was quite happy to find that my electric blue summerweave hakata obi matched it perfectly! It felt a little to stark and dark for my liking, so I paired it with white and light blue accessories. The light blue han'eri I'm wearing was a Christmas present from my kimono buddy in the UK, Chantal :) Thanks, Chan!

To complete the kimono look, I paired it with navy blue zori and white lace tabi.

My kitsuke was ok that day, but not great. I woke up late and had too little time to dress nicely, and my juban was very slippery! Since I got to KLCC early, I ended up retreating to a toilet and re-tying my obi there... ^^;;;

Next up would be a post on Bon Odori 2010 :)


Walter said...

Good to see you haven't stopped loving kimono's or blogging , Priscilla :)

Lovely pictures , thanks for posting.
So sorry I haven't commented in such a long time, although I do read your posts.

I have also FINALLY blogged again ( shame on me :) Some photos have been sitting in my camera for ages ( would you believe I have WINTER PICTURES that I still need to publish , aaargh ! )

Priscilla said...

Hi Walter! Long time no see ^_^ Hahaha, I've actually been pretty dead on my blog this year, and only just recently revived it again :P"

Ahhhh I was wondering where you went! XD I kind of missed your recipe posts - I've been bugging my family about the coffee stew, and they're quite willing (I hope!) to try it when I stop being too lazy to cook it XD

Can't wait to see more posts from you!

ihsara said...

I can't believe its been THAT long since we last dressed up and went out.

We shall do it again when I get back this time! Zettai ni!!!

Priscilla said...

Yeahhh, it's been that long!! I feel like I never see you enough each holiday ><" I really ought to make more of an effort to see you!

(And maybe you can come over and we can dress in loli too? XD)