Thursday, 15 July 2010

Event Aftermath: Jusco Yukata Fair 2010 - My Finds!

As promised, here is my post about the stuff I bought at the Jusco yukata fair!

1)Pale blue stripes and spots yukata. I found this pattern quite adorable, and I don't have any pale blue yukata.

I'm not entirely sure what sort of obi I'd like to wear this with, but I think the one in this photo makes for a rather refreshing combination. I'm not too fond of the idea of wearing such a plain yukata obi with this yukata, but the colours are really spot-on for my taste...

2) Brown with bunnies yukata. I was really happy to have found this! I haven't any brown kimono or yukata or even obi, so this was a very nice surprise. Plus, the saleswomen told me that they have only one yukata of this pattern, and they all remembered me for buying it ^^;;

I found this one obi that seems to be a great colour match for the yukata. It contrasts the darkness so well, and at the same time, the roses match the bunnies quite perfectly. I think it lends a rather cute appeal to a yukata that is otherwise slightly too old for me. Any ideas on other colour combinations? I think I might try a pale yellow or something.

3) Yet another navy blue roses and false shibori yukata! I love that sort of combination. The roses here look really elegant, I feel.

For this photo, I paired this yukata with a plain white obi so that I can show off my new obijime :)

4) Navy blue and gold yukata obijime. I bought this because the colour is quite hard to get right on screen, so it's more difficult to find the correct shade when shopping online.

I didn't really know how to tie the obijime properly, so I just fudged it ^^;; I think it turned out looking rather well!

5) All the obi that came with the yukata! (and one extra from my godsis, who also hated the obi)

I'm still not sure about what I'm going to do with all these... I think I might keep them to lend out to people who want to wear yukata, but can't tie an obi. However, if you want one, I'd be willing to trade! Just send me a message or leave a comment XD

6) One of the three pairs of geta I bought.

At RM20, these were really worth it. Even my godsis Carolyn, whom I dragged along and convinced to buy lots of stuff at the fair, bought a couple of pairs and said they were really comfy for everyday wear!

7) Navy blue uchiwa fan.

I'm of the opinion that you can never have too many fans! XD The fact that this fan matches my new navy blue yukata doesn't hurt either :P

8) Pearl obi kazari.

I've always wanted one, so I thought I'd just buy one to see. I ended up buying another one when this one worked so well ^^;

9) Kimono stickers!

These weren't actually from the Jusco yukata fair. However, I did bump into them at Art Friend, Gardens when my godsis and I went to the fair. I couldn't resist such cuteness!! I can't wait to start using them the next time I send a card or a letter to my kimono friends :)

These actually weren't all the items I bought - I also have parasols, more geta, more obi kazari, a child's yukata set, and a couple of items for my brother..... But I got lazy to post all of them :P

Bon Odori is this weekend (zomg forgot to post about it!) so I might wear one of my new pretties there ^_^ If my brother goes with me, he'll be wearing one of the yukata I bought for him yay! I can't wait 8D

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I purchased XD I certainly had a good time shopping haha!

Toodles and goodnight!


shigatsuhana said...

The spotty yukata looks a lot like one in the book Okimono Kimono! I love that one!

I want a Jusco!

H-SAMA said...

wow! how cute its that navy yukata!!
i have a navy one with white and yellow wisterias

Kitty Kanzashi said...

I want the bunny one!

Bangasa Kimono = ^( ^_^)^ said...

Look at the goodies

Priscilla said...

April: Ooooh I hadn't noticed it till you pointed it out! Yes it does look like a blue version of that one! XD XD XD

H-SAMA: Wow, white and yellow wisterias sound so pretty~

Isla: XD XD XD The bunny one is my favourite! Hahaha~

Hong: 8D Yeahh, I know!

Happy walker said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pris. Wow you bought a lot from Jusco's fair :O. You know, I skipped 3 hours from Archidex Datum Conference the next day after you told me about this fair. ;) Though I did not get much haul since I've already purchased tonnes of yukata for this season alone :( but the men's are really cheap! :D

Anyways I need help from you in regard of hanbok because I am in the process of purchasing one. Could you reply to my mail asap? >.< thank you for your time! *hugs*

oh btw. did you go to bon odori? *_*

Priscilla said...

Mr Lonely: Thanks! ^_^

aDe: Haha, really? Hmmm that must've been what my friends' parents mean when they say I'm a bad influence.. I make people SHOP! XD Yeah, I did go to Bon Odori! I'm planning to post on that next, actually :D