Friday, 16 July 2010

Suggestions?: Obi-Matching Dilemma

As mentioned in my earlier posts, my godsis Carolyn bought a yukata at the Jusco Yukata Fair. Since the fair didn't have any proper undies or even koshihimo (shocking!) and she hated the obi her yukata came with, I decided to get her a proper matching obi and yukata undies set for her birthday. (Don't worry about my posting this in public - she already knows what she's getting for her birthday :P)

My only problem is deciding what colour obi I should get her. Her yukata has a base colour of dark purple, with lighter shades of purple and white, and a motif of sakura. I can see it matching with so many colours - mustard yellow, pale yellow, pale green, light blue, all sorts of pinks, white, lilac.... I just don't know what to get her :/

I did ask her what sort of colour she'd like, but she said it'd be very difficult to decide without actually seeing the obi in person. Also, her taste is generally a less bright and more sedate sort of colour combination. Her favourite motif is sakura, but I'm afraid of accidentally turning her outfit into a sakura overload ^^;;;

Soooo..... Any suggestions?


shigatsuhana said...

Yes, I agree, pale yellow or a grass green would look really nice with a purple yukata. Without seeing a photo it's hard to guess but I just know those colours look good together.

Priscilla said...

I bought a few obi for her in the end ^^;;; One of them is pale yellow on one side and sweet pink on another, and the other obi is sweet blue. I'm trying to see if I can get a grass green obi at the same price I got the others for XD

Thanks for the suggestions!