Thursday, 18 February 2010


It's been a full six days in a row of pigging out, with feasting and celebrations abound! I've been having such heavy lunches and dinners lately. I have no doubt I'll be gaining a few kg just by living through this next month.

Even yesterday, which was Ash Wednesday and therefore supposed to be a day of fasting and abstinence, had two full meals! We didn't eat meat, but we sure as hell didn't fast :P

*sighs* But on the topic of Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.. What should I give up for this Lent? I don't know... A little late to be thinking about it, but I honestly have been more preoccupied with CNY ^^; So much so to the point where I'd forgotten completely about Valentine's Day till yesterday ^^;;;;

Anyway, on a random off-topic moment, I've been trying to put together an outfit for Valentine's Day, late though it may be. It's quite alot harder than I thought, because I had hoped to combine my Valentine's Day outfit and my CNY outfit into one, and that's kiiiiiind of hard to do when I'm lacking alot of red pieces in my kimono closet. So..... that outfit may take a while in coming, but I'll make sure it comes!!

On that note, should I make another outfit for Lent this year? Or should I make one for Easter? XD


shigatsuhana said...

Hmmm... a Lent outfit could be quite a challenge. I would think that would require simple elegance. Why not do both? Lent is subdued and non-flamboyant and Easter is colourful. For Lent I have given up chocolate and beer. Not really a stretch for me as I don't have a lot of either, but couldn't think of anything else that I was really doing that was excessive. I've already reined in my spendig habbits due to lack of extra income. LOL! However, I will be at H&M on Saturday morning to get my dress from Sonia Rykiel, one of my fav. French designers. :)

Priscilla said...

Haha, I think I might give up potatoes and maybe alcohol. I've had abit of both already yesterday, though... ><"" I don't really know anything that's leisurely and excessive in my life other than reading, but giving up reading = giving up just about everything hahaha. I might as well give up my sight!

On the Lent outfit - subdued..? I did an iromuji last year, so maybe this year I ought to use one of my jimi tsukesage? Hmmm XD

Keke said...

I'm giving up chocolate for lent :(
I doing really good so far! I always thought chocolate would be the hardest but I think once you've gone over that one/two week hump! Its ok! :D Thats...until a huge chocolate cake rolls in >.<
I love your blog btw! <3

Priscilla said...

Keke> Thank you! ^_^ I gave up alcohol (not that I drink all that much) this Easter. Not sure what else I unintentionally gave up too, really... ^^:;;