Friday, 12 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

I am absolutely thrilled to finally be home and celebrating Chinese New Year with my family! It'll be the first time I'm celebrating CNY in about 5 years, excluding this one time my friends and I had a mini yee-sang and steamboat party in my 2nd year room at Concord.

Soooo..... Since I'll be kind of busy this weekend, what with the Eve of CNY tomorrow and the first day of CNY on Sunday, I thought I'd just post an early:

May the Year of the Tiger bring you prosperity!

Ehehe. Speaking of tigers, I'm thinking of creating a tiger (or cat) themed outfit for this year, much like xiner did, now that the year of the tiger is about to start. (FYI, the year of the Tiger doesn't start until CNY - the weeks before that are still considered as the "tail" of the year of the Cow)

Aaaaaand, speaking of kimono.... I know my mum said I could buy a kimono if the Jakarta trip went well. But, well... My mum bought me this bag from Coach's 2010 Valentine's Gifts collection, so I won't be getting a new kimono anytime soon ^^;

Coach Valentine's bag

Sorry to disappoint, but the bag is just too cute!! And wonderfully big and convenient too ^^; I think I'll be trying to come up with an outfit that will match this bag ehehhehe~

Toodles, people!~


Kitty Kanzashi said...

Happy New year to you! Have to say it now since I will be in Copenhagen on the 14 Feb with my boyfriend.

That is a very cute bag. How much pink are you going to put into your outfit?

shigatsuhana said...

I love the bag! It will look cute with some of your Loli outfits. There is always time to buy a kimono. :)

Priscilla said...

Isla> Thanks! Happy New Year to you too ^_^ How were your celebrations? Hmmm how much pink... As much as I can? :P Actually, I have an outfit almost ready for wearing with this bag. I'm just trying to see where I can fit some hot pink in without making the rest of the pinks look too bland ^^;

April> Thanks! XD Ahahaha, I only need permission (i.e. reassurance) to buy the really expensive stuff. I had been planning to buy Mamechiyo's black and white striped kimono for a while, and this kind of struck me as a good opportunity - right after my mum got me the bag T_T Oh well! Now that I've gotten some New Year money, I have to plan on what to do with it... XD