Sunday, 27 September 2009

Event Aftermath: Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009!

So yesterday was the TAF. I had something to do in the morning, so I only went for the bridal kimono dressing demonstration in the evening ^_^

Of course, I wore yukata there. I kind of wanted to be seasonally appropriate and wear a hitoe komon, but it was sooooo hot yesterday that anything heavier than a yukata would've just about killed me! I had also made up my mind to wear my hanabi yukata outfit (the one with a white obi and maroon accessories), but I've put on so much weight that it doesn't fit very well anymore ;_;

So instead, I wore this! (My kitsuke was crap yesterday, so please ignore it! I blame it on my ever-expanding hips and the fact that I'm 3 months out of practice).
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

The yukata is part of a set that I got from YJA simply because I liked the spots. I didn't even know the sizing - I just prayed that it fit ^^;; Thankfully, it was a brand new pureta one, so it did! The obi is a seafoam green one I'd fallen in love with and couldn't help but buy.

In here, you can see just how well the obi matches the spots on the yukata!
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

How I looked like from the back:
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

The musubi:
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

At the bridal kimono dressing demonstration...

The woman is a professional kimono dresser (Japanese, of course) and the man is her translator.
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

She is the dresser's assistant:
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

Dressing the model in the first layer..
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

Putting her in a furisode..
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

Tying the obi...
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

The obi musubi...
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

Putting on the uchikake..
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

(I kind of skipped the pics of dressing the guy cos they're not very nice at all...)

The bridal couple! XD
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

They were students of the college, I believe, and the audience were yelling out "OMEDETOU!" (congratulations) at them XD

After the models were dressed and the explanations finished, the audience was allowed to go up on stage to take pics with them. Lots of people did!
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

I went to speak to the sensei then ^^ She's so cute and nice, and she was tugging at my yukata, saying it was very modern and pretty =^___^= I took a picture with her too! (Plz ignore my ugly face)
Taylor's Asaban Fest 2009

After the demo ended, my parents and a family friend picked me up and we went to eat dinner at a good Japanese restaurant. Everyone stared =^^=; But the food was good, so I was a very happy duck yesterday.

I really enjoyed last night. I feel it was a really good demonstration. The kitsuke was very well done, and every step was explained along the way. The kimono was breathtakingly beautiful, and the room had great air conditioning :P It really surpassed my expectations!

The crowd had also surprised me. When the demo started, there were only about 15 to 20 people in the hall. But apparently, more and more people kept trickling in as when I turned my head to look at the lecture theatre, it was at least 75% full! ^_^ It made me so happy to know that people in Malaysia were interested in kimono.. :')

To the guy I spoke to at the TAF and who directed me to LT1: For guiding me to the hall and chatting for a bit, and most especially for pushing for the demo to be arranged, thank you very much for everything! ^_^

That's all folks! Bye! ^_^


shigatsuhana said...

I love your yukata! Very lovely choice. And you won't have problems too much with kimono unless your big like me. I doubt that will ever happen. LOL!

I like the sensei's kimono too. Looks like an interesting event.

Priscilla said...

Thank you! ^_^ I really like it alot haha. The spots really intrigued me, and the price was rather decent for a set of yukata, obi and matching bag (1000yen!) so I just had to get it XD

Walter said...

It's been a while since I saw you in a yukata.
That's a very lovely obi.
Keep it up. You look great! Hontoni!

Priscilla said...

Hi Walter! Yeah, it's been a while ^_^ Hehe, thanks very much! I do love this obi - I bought it without even thinking about what I'd wear it with, and finding that it matched this yukata was such a coincidence. ^_^

Petrina said...

Fat, you've been tagged on my blog!