Monday, 21 September 2009

Back from Singapore!

I'm baaack! It was a lovely, relaxing holiday. We shopped all weekend and I spent soooooo much money it isn't even funny! >_<"" Anyway, I'm abit tired and lazy to really post much, so it's going to be in point form, again. This post is mainly for pics. I would post alot more, but it's taken me 2 bloody hours to upload 5 tiny resized pics, and I'm so fed up with the internet here that I can't be bothered to post more. I miss Singapore already. 1) About a month ago, my camera died on me right smack in the middle of a working trip, so my mum got me a new camera. Say hi!

2) On my last trip to Singapore two months ago, I had a day off, so I spent the whole afternoon wandering around Singapore and looking for all the yukata shops I'd seen on It was fun! In terms of kimono, I bought a lovely blue hanhaba obi with matching thin obijime, and a reddish sort of obijime.


3) This trip to Singapore, we were given prime rooms with a "great view" in Swissotel! I don't think Singapore is all that pretty in the morning, but at night, when everything is plunged into darkness and the city comes alive with bright lights and music, the view is breathtaking. Singapore is also currently preparing for their F1 Night Race, so the spotlights are all up and everything. On Saturday night, they had a test run of the spotlights, and we could see it from our rooms! Here's a wee picture:

4) I spent soooo much money this weekend. Srsly. Three months' salary wouldn't cover it. Akihabara Japan Products should love me. Here are my spoils! :D

I bought a lined kimono, a yukata, a kasane-eri, a hanhaba obi, a basket bag, one pair of women's geta, one pair of really cute skull men's geta, one tsuke eri, and (not shown in this pic) two obiage. Feel my happiness!!! XD XD XD

I'm very tempted to wear the yukata for this Saturday's TAF event, but I'm not sure... Pink doesn't seem to be much of a night-time colour to me. I think I might finally wear that hanabi yukata ensemble I was meant to wear to Bon Odori all those months ago. Or maybe I should wear that false rose shibori yukata I bought for my sister...? Decisions, decisions!

That's all for now! Toodles! XD


ihsara said...

AUGH!!!! LEICA!!! *starry eyed*

Priscilla said...

Mwahaha! XD I lubs it too! :D

Anonymous said...

Akihabara Japan products??? That store is rather overpriced =_=. Don't usually buy more than one item myself. Looking at the number of items you bought, you might have just helped the shop avoid bankruptcy for the next year at least. *Three cheers for Priscilla!*

P.S. I wanted to comment on the earlier post, but the weekend was taken up by Hari Raya...

Priscilla said...

Hiya! Yeah, I did kind of want to ask you if you wanted to meet up, but this trip was kind of sudden and last minute, and it was a family thing rather than something I can sneak off for a few hours to meet up with friends and chat ^^;;

Oh yeah, I know it's really overpriced (I did some mental calculations in my head and it was at least double what I would pay for something online!) but I fell in love with some things and just couldn't resist! ^^;; Thanks to this shopping trip, I've placed a self-imposed ban on online shopping for the next 3 months at least. The only thing I'm allowing myself to pay for now is shipping for those items in Crescent Shop I bought all those months ago ^^;

shigatsuhana said...

Very nice! I would love to have a shop like that here. No... maybe I wouldn't. LOL!

Priscilla said...

Lol April! I completely understand XD I think that if I lived in Singapore and not Malaysia, I'd be spending all my money in that one shop and declare bankruptcy within a week! XD

Anonymous said...

Shira...wait till you go to L'escalier (in Takashimaya) and Ancient link (Katong mall). they both sell crazily beautiful vintage kimono and obi with prices to match. I go there just to window shop and chat with the owners, otherwise i'd be bankrupt in less than a day.

Priscilla said...

Oh, I've been to L'escalier a couple of times before! In fact, the red obijime in this post is from there ^_^ I've also bought a fukuro obi from it before, but you're right, it was ridiculously expensive. Thanks for telling me about the one in Katong Mall! Maybe the next time I go to Singapore on holiday, we can meet up and explore together? :)

Oh, I'm actually going to Singapore later this month, but it's a purely business trip, and my schedule is packed :( However, if I can find some time to sneak off, I'll let you know! ^_^