Sunday, 6 January 2008

Closet Feature: Kimono Item of the Week~~

Alright, this time it's a little different, cos I thought I'd post one of my yukata sets instead. Now, I'm only posting this as a set because this was the way the seller posted the picture :P Yes, I bought it 2 n a half years ago as a set, and it came like that as well as with 3 koshi himo. The whole set is actually in Malaysia at the moment cos I wear it the most often there. I just noticed I typed the word 'set' once in every sentence in this paragraph. LoL.

This may be one of my favourite yukata of all those that I have. I really like the colour of the dark blue and white together, and since I rarely wear dark colours on my actual clothes, this makes for a nice and refreshing change. Also the cloth is good quality and feels lovely against my skin, plus it's so breathable! To come to think of it, I've worn this yukata more often than any of my sets altogether! o_O

I will also admit that I really love the obi, mainly for the fact that it's plain white and will look good with any of my coloured komon! The joy ^______^ Maybe I really should've brought it back to London, just so I can wear kimono more easily.. (otaiko obi is much harder to tie compared to hanhaba obi!) Just as a small note, hanhaba obi = obi where the width of the whole obi is around 6" or 15cm.

I have pictures of me wearing it (in fact, I'd just worn it less than a month ago!) but those are in my brother's laptop and I forgot to take the pics from him! Oh well... Next time then! ^^ Turrah!

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Jasmine みのり said...

Hi,I am Minori from Malaysia, and sharing the same interest as you. I currently have a yukata set, but unfortunately I cant seem to get a pair of geta sandals to match with my yukata.Do you know where i can get it in Malaysia?
By the way,your kimono looks nice and hope you can get more of them.