Saturday, 12 January 2008

Just a short rant..

*sighs* I've been really stupid lately. I just can't believe I forgot my camera charger at home!! I really had alot of plans for my camera too... :( I wore a kimono today - dark blue komon, silver snowflakes pattern, with a bright orange obi. I might wear this set again next week to the Kimono Exhibit in Llangollen (that's in Wales) but I may wear my green wool kimono + new white obi. Or maybe my salmon-pink wool kimono with same obi. And that together with the glittery white wool cape I bought in Japan. Yeah...

So anyway, I wore a kimono this morning (before I had to take it off - I was having menstruation cramps and the kimono wasn't helping!) and this time it was really really neat, unlike the green and white set I wore last time. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries just as I was about to take the first photo!! Ohh the agony.... I think I may have to borrow Mei's camera next week..

On the brighter side of things, I proved that I CAN wear a kimono that's 149cm in length, and make it look normal, with a decent ohashori and everything! *yay* this opens up soooo many doors to kimono-buying! *sniggers*

Anyway that's all for my rant. Turrah!

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