Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Layout Change~

Just a random post to say that I've changed my blog layout again :) Navigation is mostly the same, but the looks are very different now. I got a little tired of looking at the same small frame for the body, and it was really too small for alot of my photos, so I just used one of Blogspot's pre-set layout designs ^^;

I'm quite happy with the current colour scheme - yellow is so cheery and happy, yet this shade is particularly peaceful and calming at the same time.



ihsara said...

i likey the new blog layout!

and also, wanted to comment on FB but sometimes FB and my web browser hate each other and end up screwing me over so it couldnt go through :S

but anyways, i had wanted to say i'm liking your hair right now! its getting so long and the side parting! I cant remember the last time you didnt have bangs! (prob during Form 2, but that was heaps long ago!)

and your bro said hi for you to my sis who passed it on to me lol. i hear he got into Cambridge? tell him congrats for me! whats he doing there?

Walter said...

Lovely new layout. Very "autumny" :)
Hope you are well !

Priscilla said...

Lissy> Thanks! You're still using that other email, right? I'll reply a longer on there ^^;;; Otherwise, who knows how long this one might get hahaha! *moochies*

Walter> Thanks! ^_^ Hope you're doing great too!!