Friday, 27 February 2009


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. I know I was supposed to go to church, but I had a presentation today, and my group and I were practicing yesterday. I lost track of time, and before you know it, we'd been at it for 4 hours and Mass had already started! ><"

At least all that time practicing was worth it! The lecturer gave us feedback after our presentation, and he said that while my face looked scared at the beginning, when it was actually my turn to speak, I was confident. :D Yay, I'm getting better at presentations!!

So. Lent. The 40 days before Easter. We are meant to give up something dear to us for these 40 days, but I haven't really decided what I'm going to give up.

The obvious choice would be to give up kimono, but this being my last winter here, and therefore my last opportunity to wear my thicker kimono without melting, I don't think I will >.o I also thought about giving up kimono-shopping (which I'd indulged in with great passion last week ;_;) but I thought it wasn't actually much of a sacrifice because I'd been doing it as something normal for the past few months. I also wondered if I should give up meat, but I can't really afford to do that: no meat = no canned/frozen food = fresh food = EXPENSIVE!

I was thinking maybe I'll do my usual - give up sweet stuff like ice cream, cakes and cookies. The only sweet things I'll eat are fruits and honey, maybe tea and coffee, and the one glaring exception to the no-sweets rule: cherry liqueurs. *sigh* Goodbye Haagen Dazs, for at least one and a half months! Somehow I feel that giving up just this one indulgence isn't enough. But then I wonder what else I could give up.

What are you giving up for Lent? :)

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Petrina said...

You know what I pictured in my head when you said that your lecturer though you looked scared? That photo in the Japanese visa! Hahahahaha......

No fair! I'm not losing weight! Well, even after a week of diarrhoea and not much appetite, clothes still arent getting loose.

I think I'll give up foie gras, red meats and yarn for Lent. What say you?