Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Belated Happy New Year

Ah, I hadn't realised that nearly three months have passed since I last posted!! I had meant to put up a New Year's greeting post, but I guess I'd completely forgotten ^^;;;



The year of the Dragon (that's me!) will also be starting in less than a week's time according to the Chinese calendar, so a very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all of you celebrating CNY as well :)

Not many updates on life outside of this. The only real highlight was that I'd spent Christmas and New Year's with my family at my brother's flat in Cambridge.

Our excuse was that we needed to decorate the flat - we just wanted to go shopping :P But I didn't buy that many clothes this time around! Instead, I splurged on household stuff hahaha. Now my brother has a Hello Kitty mixing bowl in his flat and a miniature rolling pin for no reason XD;

I've also been keeping up the hunt for a houmongi or tsukesage that's appropriate for my age, has a design that I like, can actually fit me, and is in my spending range :/ Unfortunately, nearly all those that I've come across meet all requirements except the last hahaha. So I've turned to expanding certain parts of my lolita wardrobe instead XD;;; It's going to be a pretty fun year in terms of clothes!

Toodles guys :) Once I clean up my room in time for CNY, I should have enough space to dress fully in kimono again!

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