Sunday, 21 August 2011

Outfit Snap: Sweet Roses Yukata

After conversing about kimono with a few people for the past few days, I've been feeling particularly inspired to wear kimono.

I only had an hour of free time to dress up today, so I couldn't do a full-blown kitsuke with my new obi and juban, but I did coordinate something with one of my new yukata from the Jusco Yukata Fair.

The obi I chose is really similar to the one that came with this set, but I decided to use this obi instead because it's a softer, less obnoxious shade of purple. Also, it has a matching theme of roses! I think this obi gives the yukata a softer, more mature sort of feminine feel, as opposed to a bright, young coordinate using hot pink as its main colour. (Besides, the obi in the set is a pre-tied obi! ^^;;; I'm.... not fond of pre-tied obi at all haha.)

I also happen to have a pair of geta that are the perfect combi of purple and pink, and a new pink uchiwa. To accent a little more of the pink, I wore dainty pink flower earrings and tossed some soft pink flowers on my hear. I used a basket bag with white accents because a pink or purple bag would be a little too much colour in the outfit.

On a really random note, I actually chose this yukata because of yesterday's pedicure - my toes match the yukata! ^^;;



mysli said...

I like the pattern of the Yukata! I'm not too fond of roses, but this is beautiful. And love the patterned Obi - I want some too XD

focusing the lens said...

You look adorable! I love the pattern on your yukata and the obi is definitely a nice choice.

Priscilla said...

Thanks very much, mysli and focusing the lens! ^__^

Anonymous said...

What an adorable yukata, you look so lovely! ^o^ Very cool and summery but elegant and sophisticated at the same time.
The obi matches really nicely (I'm a sucker for anything purple coloured) and so does your handbag - the fact it's woven basket adds to the summery feeling. But of course the best bit is your matching toes, haha! :D

Shambhala Padawan said...

I love how you style you kimonos. I have trouble tying my obis and seeing yours makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. They're tied so prettily!

Priscilla said...

Thanks, Laura! :) I love basket bags just for their summery feel! I'd use them all the time if I can get away with it hahaha. (and purple FTW!!)

Shambhala Padawan: Thanks! ^__^ Ahaha, I actually figured that part of the reason why my obi musubi looks nice in my pics is that I tend to use thicker obi than normal yukata obi, which helps with holding its shape :)

ihsara said...

whooo an update!

loving the basket bag, did you buy that back in msia?

miss you much >.< busy with work??

Priscilla said...

Liss!! :D Miss you too!!! Been ok-normal kind of busy with work I guess. How's it going in Aussie? *hugs*

Yeah, bought the bag somewhere in The Curve a couple of years ago during their weekend market. Not sure if the stall is still there ^^;

Miss BubLee said...

hai pris! may i know where u bought ur yukata?does it have in malaysia?i was thinking to make 1, but dunno how much it cost.. D:

Priscilla said...

Hiya! Sorry for the late reply - was travelling for the past few weeks ^^; I bought most of my yukata online, but every year, Jusco has a Yukata fair a few weeks before Bon Odori. So far it's been at Mid Valley :) Other than that, there's a place in Tokyo Street Pavilion that sells yukata as well ^^