Sunday, 24 April 2011

New Layout!


As you may have noticed, I've decided to change my blog layout a little!

I was actually pretty happy with the old layout, but the IG forums has now adopted a new feature that flashes banners of members' blogs, and I was quite interested in joining, so I created a banner!

After looking at it, I figured I ought to change my blog layout to reflect the new banner, so I've started with the most basic part: the background and colour theme. I wasn't quite sure about the red font at first, but I think it turned out rather well.

What do you think of the background image? Computer illiterate as I am, it took ages for me to get the size of the image right, and the girl in the exact place I wanted her to be... XD;;

The next part is to change the header so that it's in the same font my banner is in. I may create a new avatar for my profile as well.... Hmmm I wonder if I can change the font for all the headers.....

Well, I guess the next week will be spent slowly figuring this out XD;

Take care, and hope you like the background and colour scheme! I can't wait to finish my blog layout!


Kim said...

I love your layout, it's so kawaii ^^

Unknown said...

time to put the computer skills to use... lol brings back memories of HTML and the other program thingo and class with Ms Foong >.<

Priscilla said...

Thanks haha!

(Liss: LOL you even remember Ms Foong's name!! I remember her face, but I completely forgot what her name was XD;)