Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Quick Update~

Eh just a quick update to let you guys know I'm alive (I think). Been busy these past few months!
  1. Went to Europe for a 2-week holiday (Florence, Rome, Cambridge, Edinburgh & London) to send my brother off to Cambridge (*coughs* just an excuse to go there *coughs*)
  2. Continued holiday with a week-long working trip (Norwich, Bath, London, Berlin & Amsterdam)
  3. Spent 2 mad weeks at home preparing for a conference in Beijing
  4. Was in Beijing and Shanghai for a week for work
Yeah I'm really tired ^^;;; Must remedy that this weekend by lots and lots of sleep! XD

On a separate note, Anime Festival Asia 2010 is on this weekend in Singapore... I want to go so badly, but I've got to help with my godbrother's wedding stuff :/ *sighs*

Can someone go for me and check out their Butler Cafe? XD



shigatsuhana said...

My goodness! You are busy miss world traveller! Hopefully you will get some sleep soon.

Priscilla said...

Haha, thanks XD How's your husband doing, btw?

Walter said...

"I started this blog to keep in touch with my friends and family, who are scattered all over the world"
It sounds like YOU' re the one who is scattered all over the world :)

It's good to hear you're still with us. I think you need a good long sleep ( like.. a month ? )
The weather is definitely getting more wintery in Europe.
I hope you didn't catch anything.
Take care !

Priscilla said...

Haha, I was lucky that I didn't fall sick - when I was in Europe, I was mostly running around in a camisole and skirt, with the occasional cardigan thrown on top ^^;

Hmmm, I don't think a month-long's sleep would be possible ;_; We've got another trip coming up in early December, and after that, there is a client event, and our company's annual dinner, and Christmas (=shopping & hampers & planning our Christmas party & baking), then right after that would be my parents' 30th wedding anniversary, which we're celebrating in a big way ^^;;; And then after THAT, we have another trip in mid-Jan. If we win it, there will be another major conference that we'll have to busy ourselves with right after.....

I feel sorry for my more senior colleagues ^^; They seem to be run really ragged!

(But I think it's all worth it, cos today, we found out that my boss was voted the top salesperson in Malaysia! :) Happy day for her hehe, and all my colleagues were really happy to know that their hard work really paid off!)