Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Outfit Snap: Kevin and Miyuki's Wedding

My neighbour's son got married to a Japanese woman last week. Of course, having known about this event for months, I asked if I could wear kimono - and was given permission!!

I had a load of problems deciding what was appropriate to wear, because the bride wasn't going to wear furisode, but after asking the IG forums and questioning the groom a little more, I found out that the bride was only going to wear kimono for the pre-dinner cocktail session, and that everyone else is going to be very very formal.

So, instead of the iromuji I had first thought of wearing and was advised to choose by the very helpful IG forum members, I wore furisode.

I chose to wear my new modern purple furisode that I got with a matching juban on YJA for only $200USD, everything included. I didn't have the perfect obi to go with the furisode, nor did I have the perfect accessories, so I had to make-do with what I had.

Here's the result!

Kevin & Miyuki's Wedding Dinner - My Outfit

My first time tying a bunko musubi with a fukuro obi onto myself! I was so proud.... Of course, I had to enlist my maid's help for tying tight koshihimo knots behind me ^^;;
Kevin & Miyuki's Wedding Dinner - My Outfit

Just in case you can't see:
Kevin & Miyuki's Wedding Dinner - My Outfit

I LOVE the way Florence (family hairstylist) did my hair that night!!
Kevin & Miyuki's Wedding Dinner - My Outfit

I paired the furisode with a silver fukuro obi that is actually more for tomesode or houmongi or the like. But I think the colour coordination is very nice, so I guess it's not too bad.

Of all the formal obiage and obijime sets that I had, the yellow one seemed to look best, so I used that. Just so happens that I recently bought a matching yellow kasane'eri from Akihabara Japan Products in Singapore! I feel that it helped complete the look a little more.

To finish off the look, I wore white tabi with pale gold zori, and chose pearl earrings, bracelet and clutch bag.

The hair accessory was actually something I'd just stumbled on in the mall right after doing up my hair haha. I love it so much!! I think it looks very elegant.

I'm sorry my kitsuke was so bad that day, but dressing in furisode is very hard - especially when I'm under a time-constraint and am feeling pressured to do it all perfectly! But it was acceptable, I guess... The bridal couple loved it, as did the groom's family, and the bride's family thought I was Japanese! :P

And it was such wonderful night: so beautiful and emotional! I've never seen a couple happier to wed, nor a bride more radiant. Congratulations to Kevin and Miyuki! :D


Walter said...

Awesome , you look totally smart :)
Love the hairdo :)
Of course yellow goes well with violet, they're complimentary colors (opposite sides of the color wheel).
BUT : please pose the furisode with your arms stretched , so we can see the lovely sleeves :p

Ah, here's an interesting piece for you : an interview with a genuine Japanese kimono maker!
See you !

kimonosa said...

Oh! You are dressed beautiful and very elegant. The accesories are so stunning, and your hair is fine!

Priscilla said...

Walter, thank you so much! ^_^ Ahaha, I hadn't thought of showing off the sleeves :P Thanks for the article! I'll have to read it when I have the time.. ^^;;

kimonosa, thank you very much! ^_^

H-SAMA said...

Hello from brazil!!
i totally loved your kimono!!
gonna follow ur blog too!


Priscilla said...

H-SAMA, thank you very much! ^_^

squiikivois said...

Hi there. I did a google search on how to wear a yukata and I found your page. That's a very nice kimono you're wearing. Interestingly, such a passionate kimono fan. Hope to learn more about it from your blog in the future!

Priscilla said...

Sandra> Welcome to my blog! :)Ahaha thank you ^_^ I hope that my blog may someday be somewhat informative to other kimono enthusiasts! (After sifting through all the "random" posts :P)