Thursday, 15 January 2009

Coursework Marks!

*squeals* I've just realised that all of my coursework marks last term were at least 2.1 standard! *happiness*

You know that coursework I had so many problems with and worked my ass off for? That one was the highest! We got a total of 76% for it!!!! *screams in absolute joy* That's a definite 1st class piece of work ^___^ I feel so proud~

I also should add that I got 69%, which is 1% away from 1st class, on my only individual coursework, which I'd finished in about... a day. Yeah. Kinda makes me regret not putting more work into it, because then I would've gotten a 1st for sure! Then again, that one day didn't include filtering all the information for the coursework, so actually it took longer than that o_O

Yeah, now to do better in my exams... x_x

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