Tuesday, 16 December 2008


It's been nearly two weeks since I last posted! Well, I blame that on my internet having died-ed sometime ago >_<""

News updates:
1) Had a kimono meet two Saturdays ago! It was fun :) Will hopefully post pics soon!
2) Patty flew home two Mondays ago.
3) I barely managed to finish my Monday and Friday courseworks in time.
4) Watched House MD, Seasons 1 to 4 in 4 days.
5) Met up with Hong on Friday, Mel came over halfway through, and we all went to Il Bordello for dinner. I had the spaghetti bolognese, a classic. It was the best I'd ever had. Yum.
6) Went to Richoux for Saturday lunch with Mel. Had kedgeree and scones. Yum. Went to Harrods after that to shop abit. (We had fun walking around the food halls, dissing the fruits. "Oh. My. GOD. Lookitdat! You call that a papaya?!?!?! I call that green playdoh!" XD)

And most importantly....

7) I'M HOME!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D Yay! I flew home on Saturday and landed last night. Business class is so fun.

I also have a new laptop!! We were able to determine that my internet problem was actually a hardware problem with my laptop somewhere, and my mum said that rather than spend so much money constantly fixing it, I ought to just buy a new one. So I told my brother to buy me on over the PC fair last weekend (I didn't have any specifics I wanted - "lots of HD" and "works" don't count :P) and he did! I came home to a nice 15" Asus M51V series laptop ^____^

I'm still familiarizing myself with it nd Windows Vista, so I'm not too good with either (I had t cut my nails so I could type properly!) but as long as Microsoft Office, internet, Internet Explorer and iTunes work, I'm perfectly happy :D

Speaking of my nails, I had a clumsy flight D: First, I accidentally broke a nail getting my monitor out. When I say "broke a nail", I mean "ripped half of it off my flesh". So my left thumb huuuuurts :( After that, an air steward broke a glass over my foot (ehehehe business class gets actual glasses and not plastic cups!). Then, on the way out the plane, I slipped down the stairs >____< I'm really lucky I managed to catch myself after a few steps, before I pushed the lady who was standing below me! (Ummm in case you're wondering about the stairs, I was sitting on the upper deck, three rows behind the door to the cockpit).

I swear the only thing that wasn't clumsy was the flight itself! I dunno if it was because I was sitting on the upper deck, but the take-off and landing was really smooth. Blegh, I'm glad my clumsiness isn't infectious, but I'm not glad that my clumsiness has carried over till today >:( When I went out for lunch with my siblings and mum, I tripped over half the things I walked by.

I wonder if there's something wrong with me? :P


Topher said...

hahaha. timeeee to eattttt. lol. is lissy back as well? thought we could have a mini-makan session


Irene Yuan said...

hey there. i stumbled upon yer blog looking for kimono info.

i love your kimonos.

salam kenal.

Anonymous said...

Are you back in London yet? I bought you something for christmas coz I thought you would like it! :) Meet up when u're free!