Thursday, 3 July 2008


To continue from where I left off last time...

On Friday, we went to Covent Garden to get our phone lines done and ended up getting a new line. I'll be terminating my current line soon, so if we talk more frequently than once a year, expect a text message from me about my new number!

After that, we went to Chinatown to buy a takeaway lunch of duck rice and Misato's tori karaage and gyuudon (yum!) :) When we'd finished eating lunch, we went to Stansted airport and checked in for our flight to Lourdes.

Please allow me to bitch about the flight now.

We were delayed two hours. TWO HOURS! It was because there were alot of wheelchair people on the flight, so it took them a long time to get all the people on the plane itself. Once we finally got onto the plane, it was really hot and smelled like piss. Eww. The take off was rather unstable, and the landing was obscenely scary - we hit the runway at a much higher speed than was normal!! I'm sure it was still an acceptable speed, but seriously, even though I've been on a plane at least twice a year since I was 5 years old, at least 6 times a year now that I'm older, that was my first time at a landing where it was so fast at the time of landing!

Anyway, we got to Lourdes (south of France) really late that night, but the hotel kept a cold platter for us. I quite enjoyed some of the meats and all the salad, except maybe the grated carrots. Unfortunately, it gave Pot, Patty, Ling and me diarrhoea the next day >.o

I don't really remember what happened exactly, but we went for Mass everyday, went for the Torchlight Procession and the Blessed Sacrement Procession, and the Jubilee Walk. We went to a cafe behind the hotel pretty much everyday too. All the vendors were very nice and friendly! I like French people hehe.

We came back to London on Monday. Went out for dinner in Chinatown - had roast duck at Four Seasons. Good food. On Tuesday, Ling and I went to school to print out some stuff, and visit her yarn shop while the others went to Harrods. We met up again at Richoux for lunch, then Pa and Patty went home. Ma, Ling, Pot and I went to Top Shop for a while, where I bought this really cute vintage-looking pink dress. Then we went to Covent Garden for a few minutes, walked to Belgo's for an early dinner then watched Chicago, which was really just down the road from Belgo's.

Chicago was good! Quite amusing, really. I don't think Ma liked the jazzy singing, though. I was really REALLY irritated with the girls behind us - loud, annoying, screamed at very song, and rendered me half deaf in both ears for a day. The ringing in my ears didn't stop till I somehow managed to fall asleep.

Today, we went to Selfridges, had Carluccio's for lunch, then went to Madame Tussaud's. Joyce came down from Oxford to spend the day with us! Yay! Hehehe, still as odd and funny as usual.

I'm tired. We're flying home tomorrow. I'll be staying home the whole day to pack (although I'm pretty much done) and clean up the flat before we go home. Tata, I'm gonna go sleep now!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Happened to stumble upon your blog when I searched for places to buy kimono in Malaysia. I love all your kimono designs, they're really very pretty. So yeah, do you know any shops in KL that sells yukata? Do you buy yours online? How much does it generally cost? Btw, I'm from Sri KL and a Hakka too ^_^

Priscilla said...

Hi! Thanks for looking through and commenting :) Yeah, nearly all of mine are bought online! I have a few pieces which were bought in Japan and one which I bought in Singapore, which is the closest place to KL with yukata shops ._.""

I'm not sure of the price range for yukata in Singapore, but if the Singaporean cosplay forums are reliable, you can get some really nice sets in the summer (May to July are the usual yukata-selling months) for about S$200.

When buying online, the price range really differs greatly. On eBay, there are some which are really expensive, and some which are cheap, and most of them are not the best quality yukata. However, kyotocollections has a good selection, as it is directly from Kyoto and the designs and quality is about the same as what you'd buy from cheaper shops in Japan.

I buy most of mine from Yahoo Japan Auctions, but as most sellers go don't ship internationally, I have to use a "middleman" website. I use Crescent-Shop and very reliable, but it's quite expensive.

One place I would definitely recommend to you for buying online is Uniqlo. Uniqlo does sell yukata in Japan during the summer, and for quite cheap! This season, yukata sets (yukata, obi, 2 koshi himo and a bag) sell for JPY4500, which is USD45, which is roughly around RM150. The quality of the yukata is very very good (comfortable to wear!) and the designs are always pretty and fashionable. I'm actually about to place and order for a few of their sets hahaha.

Oooooh you're a Sri KLian too?? XD Nice!! Which year are you in now? My brother would've been in Form 5 this year, but left in the middle of Form 3 to study in the college I used to attend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your advice! I'll keep them in mind when I eventually decide to buy one. I thought they'd be quite expensive but the price you mentioned sounds reasonable. Don't know where I'd wear it to though! >.<
After reading your blog, I checked out our school mag and found you haha. I'm 2 years your senior actually...Form 5 Sigma in 2002 =)

Priscilla said...

Ohh 2 years my senior, eh? ^^; I'm sorry to say that I never really knew any of my seniors except for a few the year above mine and in my sister's year (2 years your senior) ._."" The only senior I remember from your year is Lee Aaron ^^;;

Maybe I'll go and have a look at my school mags from 2002 and see if I could guess who you are ;P