Wednesday 2 October 2013

Update: Moving to Tumblr!

Hey guys!

I created a new Tumblr for my kimono stuff! ^__^

You can find it here:

I find Tumblr to be more user-friendly for short posts, so while I will keep this blog for longer posts, I'll most likely stick to using Tumblr for simple posts, eg. outfits, coordination ideas, stuff I want, stuff I like, stuff I just got, etc.

To start with, I've just made my first post on my 2013 additions to my yukata collection!

As and when I find time (I am actually pretty busy at work at the moment), I will go through my old posts on this blog and start re-posting some of them onto Tumblr.

This is exciting! It's rekindling my love for kimono, which has admittedly dropped over the past few years ^^;

Take care~!

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