Sunday, 26 April 2009

Jenny's 2nd Anniversary Cake

My friend Jenny came over to my flat today because she wanted to make a cake to surprise her boyfriend on their 2nd anniversary.

Together, we made a mild chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting :) I couldn't find heart shaped cake tins, so we baked them in round tins, and cut it into hearts. It was filled and coveredwith the very light and airy cheese frosting, and I put a border of chocolate curls on the heart, then arranged sugar roses and those silver sugar balls on one corner :)

Here's how it looks! :)
Jenny's 2nd Anniversary Cake

I'm quite proud of how it turned out!! Even more so of the chocolate thingy that says "Happy 2nd Anniversary"! It's a little messy and some of the border had melted of a little, but I did it all by hand using parchment paper, melted chocolate and skewers :) Yeah, that's my handwriting in chocolate!

There was loads of leftover frosting, so we ate the extra cake bits with the frosting to see how it tasted. It's not bad! Not at all sweet, slightly sour. It's good for people who aren't too fond of sweet foods ^_^

I'd post the recipe, but my right arm is aching like mad - the frosting called for double cream whipped into stiff peaks, but I don't have a handheld mixer, so I did it all by hand. Eurgh, where's my massage oil...

Anyway, I'm feeling quite tired now, because I woke up early this morning to go to ASDA to get the cake board, and a tupperware, plus a few ingredients that I can't get in my local Waitrose. So I'm gonna go sleep now.

G'night! Recipe will come tomorrow :)


Walter said...

O_O Very impressive ! The birthday card is superb, but I really like the way you've so neatly arranged the chocolate shavings around the edge.
You've every right to be proud.
You must have been a pastry cook in a previous life.

Priscilla said...

Hehe, thanks! ^_^
When I was a child, I always helped my mum whenever she wanted to bake something. The first time I ever baked something without any help was when I was 8 years old (but it turned out weird tasting and inedible :P).
The chocolate shavings was actually the easiest part ^^;; It just took a bit of control on my hands, that's all haha~